The Three Standard Lace Front Wig Sizes

by Chad

The hair market boasts a wide range of wigs. Lace front wigs are among the most popular types of wigs. Choosing between lace front wigs and other wig styles can be challenging. This is because there are too many options to think through and too many factors to consider. One of these factors is size. The 13×4 lace front wig is the most common but not the only size. This blog discusses various lace front wig sizes.

Standard lace front wig sizes

A lace front wig is where hair strands are sewn on a lace patch. The lace only covers the frontal portion of the wig. The length of the lace may differ from one product to the other. Below is everything you need to know about the various lace front wig sizes;

1. 13X4 lace front wigs

This is the most common size in the market, and it covers your frontal head portion from ear to ear. 13X4 laces are great for different hairstyles. However, there are still a few limitations. For example, you can not wear the high ponytail style since the lace does not cover your head to the back.

However, you can do various parts and the half ponytail. 13×4 lace fronts are also incredible because they look more natural. The large lace front gives a natural appeal. However, they are not free from downsides. The primary downside is that they take time and effort to wear. For instance, applying it and making it look natural by plucking and laying baby hairs takes longer.

2. 13X6 lace front wigs

These wigs feature the same length as the former but have a larger width. This means that the lace material’s width is more significant. They offer a more natural look and are harder to detect. This is especially the case with HD or transparent 13×6 lace front wigs. Other than the size, they are not entirely different from 13×4 wigs. They offer the same level of styling versatility and are applied in the same way. However, they are slightly more expensive.

3. 360 lace front wigs

The laces on these wigs cover the entire head, including the back. These are the most costly options, and they offer the most styling versatility. There are no styling limits with 360 lace fronts. The only downside is that they are expensive and require precise maintenance.

How to pick the correct lace front wig sizes

  • Measure the length across your forehead, from ear to ear, to determine the ideal lace frontal length
  • Consider the cost of the different lace front wig sizes
  • Consider the advantages and downsides of each type
  • Seek advice from a professional

Final word

The frontal laces on lace front wigs are typically made from different materials. The most common materials are silk, sheer lace, and silicone. There are also luxurious options like HD and transparent laces, which are more advanced, advantageous, and expensive. This means that you have to consider the lace material in addition to the size. The lace material and size affect the cost and quality of lace front wigs.

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