Things to Know About Golden Pokémon Cards

by Chad

Before talking about expensive golden Pokémon cards let’s know what Pokémon is. Pokémon are also called pocket monsters who live amongst humans and vary in shapes and sizes. Now we know the meaning of Pokémon we can talk about gold Pokémon cards

What are golden Pokémon cards?

These are cards that are made of metal and covered in gold coloured material. They are also called metal Pokémon cards. The golden pokemon cards have been in existence from 1999 at Burger Kings which initially sold it for 20-50$ but due to its increase in prices over the years. It now ranges for $20,000 and above.

In 2016, the Pokémon company celebrated 20 years by producing a gold Pokémon card which was covered with gold and as of that time was 21k.

Names of golden Pokémon cards

To get you started, we’ll be naming some gold Pokémon cards that you have to add to your collection.

Firstly is a trainer card called rocket helmet which at first was not considered a gold card with its gold features and rails which had 2 secret cards with it. It was the first trainer card to be a gold Pokémon card. Secondly is another gold Pokémon card random receiver, ultra ball and rare candy. The next are solgaleo and charizard

How to spot a fake golden Pokémon card

Everyday fake gold pokemon cards are being sold and if you don’t know the difference you’ll fall victim.

The cutting method

Fake gold Pokémon card edges look like cardboard edges. If you look closely you’ll see white dots which look fluffy.

Light test

Light doesn’t easily pass through gold Pokémon cards. To identify a fake one put light under the Pokémon and if it shows rainbow rays then it’s fake.

Rip test

This is normally the last resort. The name says it all. You have to rip the card. All real gold Pokémon cards have been manufactured in a way when you rip it a black ink


Real gold Pokémon cards come packaged very carefully. Check if the pack is damaged or have any issues.

Energy symbols

A fake gold Pokémon card has irregular and misplaced energy symbols. Sometimes they’re too small or too big.

Why are they expensive?

The name says it all. Gold Pokémon cards are mostly made of unique material or sometimes real gold. They are all metallic and that only will cost a lot. They range from 21k and above and will continue to increase over time. The value of gold Pokémon cards will never reduce because of its low manufacturing. This means gold Pokémon cards are not made in large quantities so as to not reduce its quality.


Gold Pokémon cards are very rare and if you’re planning on getting it don’t look for the lowest prices because some of them are fake and also those that are very expensive are sometimes fake too. Follow the steps on knowing how to spot the fake ones.

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